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  1. Eugene Azbill

    I purchased 5 small low voltage spot lights for my patio area. I do not have the model number. In two of the 5 lights, thesocket for the two prong light has become inoperable. I can twist the bulb a little and get the light to come on, but it will not stay on when I let go of the light. I can see that the socket is replaceable. Can you please give me a replacement price? I would like to get several in case the another of the lights has the same problem.

    The housing has the following information:
    Portfolio Outdoor
    12 volt MR16 50 Watt max

    Thank you,
    Eugene Azbill
    222 Woodchase Dr.
    Victoria, TX 77904

  2. Brazilian Cherry 6210 Bending Handrail

    There is a storage area where pool supplies and equipment is kept.

    The walls were cracked and had some stucco like covering on them in the shape of alternating blocks.

    The scratches, stains, blemishes and damaged parts of the
    table are hidden behind the mirror.

  3. Renee Hamm

    I have 8 Portfolio Model# WT-S48.
    They are entering their third rebuild. I need to replace the 5 inch downrods (5 inches long, 1 inch OD, inside threads).

    Can you please help me.

  4. Dave Stein

    I have purchased 5 Flag Lights #0388000 (solar LED) in the past few months. I had kept one for myself and given the other 4 to friends and to family members. At this time they all work but 3 of the 5 them including the one I kept for myself have a problem of only staying lit for less than 4-5 hours a night even though they have been exposed to the sun all day. The other 2 of the 5 do light up but have not been placed into service to fully check them out.
    I have purchased some new battery’s but have not installed them to check out they correct the problem.
    Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated, thank you,
    Dave Stein, Hauppauge, NY

  5. Larry Mayer

    I purchased Portfolio 10-Path Light Black Low Voltage 4-Watt Halogen Path Light Kit with 2-Spot Lights some years ago. It works perfectly. However, living in the desert, the plastic has degraded over the years and is breaking apart. Where can I purchase just the housing. The bulbs, connectors, wiring and transformer are fine, I just need 19 housings, and 2 spot housing. Can I order them through you?


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