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  1. roz slome

    Searching for #0030441 Low Voltage Landscape light bronze finish or close match.
    Can you recommend or advise?

  2. Frank Manfredi

    I need to replace a couple of landscape lights that was purchased a Lowes which they no longer sell. It is DRP BLACK VENUS 6 SIDED LOWES SKU # 190992


  3. Sharon Hall

    I purchased item # 0191068/0144940/0313141, Model #LV11017 landscape lighting with 20 watt floodlights set. Can I purchase colored lens covers?

  4. Sharon Hall

    I purchased Item #0191068/0144940/0313141, MODEL #LV11017 Landscape Lighting with 20 watt floodlights. Can I purchase colored lens covers?

  5. michelle Holt

    can you replace LED bulbs or is it the whole light that will need to be replaced.

  6. I bought two Portfolio 2″ Low-voltage Incandescent Landscape Deck Light (7W). It’s not clear in the instructions about whether these lights can run off of 120 Vac power or if a transformer is needed. It just says “Can be used with the 12-14 volt outdoor low-voltage transformer.”

    So does that means I could just regular AC power or do I definitely need a transformer??


  7. alvin adams

    We purchased 3 outdoor lights at lowe’s and the sensor for the motion light went out and they no longer have these lights. Can I just get a new sensor to replace it. #182803.

  8. Tom Curry

    I just bought a bunch of portfolio landscape lights and a 300 watt dual voltage transformer. Nice lights, but the problem I have is with the dusk to dawn feature. Why would you make the photo-cell so light sensitive? The lights come on at least an hour to before it’s even dusk and stay on an hour longer than needed in the a.m. That’s 730 hours a year of lights being on in total daylight, or to put in perspective, that’s over 30 full 24 hour days or based on an average of 10 hours of darkness per night it comes out 73 extra nights per year I’m paying the power co. to light the day. This is a complete waste. So unless you have a solution to this problem the transformer will be going back and I will find one that is actually efficient. Thank-you.

  9. Susan

    Have a Portfolio Outdoor Landscape Lighting system. Cannot locate instruction manual, need to reset time on and off. Please advise.

  10. wanda clark



  11. Marsha

    I’m looking for intructions on how to install E330586 outdoor lighting with transformer. Any help would be appreciated….thanks!

  12. wayne funderburk

    I purchased a light set from Lowes on 4/20/12. Item #0098920 Model #EL0340
    lights just quit working. I checked circuit breaker on transformer and it was not tripped. Figure it must be the transformer has gone bad. Any advice ?

  13. Robin Keyser

    Looking for portfolio landscaping lights product # 0308217. Bought them at Lowes, but they no longer carry them. Anyone no whet I cn get them? … Already checked the Portfolio website!

  14. Jeff Vandersaul

    Just purchased item #0104292 the auto auto time sets just come on for about three to four minutes and go out and come back on and back off. I took the power pack and exchange it for another and have the same results it only works in the on position. Any idea what it could be. The light are very nice but just want work on auto or any of the time

  15. Chris Renfro

    I need replacement bulbs for a landscape light kit I bought at Lowes. It is item #: 0098920 Model: EL0340BKA all I need is to know the two types of bulbs I need to order to replace in my fixtures. Please give me the product codes. Thanks.

  16. Richard

    Need instruction on setting on-off time for Portfolio landscape lighting system.

  17. Keith

    I recently bought a 300 watt power pack at Home Depot for out lighting, Model #EE0001BK-E. In attempting to hook up the wires to the Power Pack I was confused by the Photo in the instructions and the label on the bottom of the Power Pack. The instructions show the wires attaching to a terminal different than the one labeled on the power pack itself as “Low, Common, High”. I need to know which is labeled correctly, the instruction or the bottom of the power pack. A quick response would be helpful as I need to get this installed and this is the last step I have to do.

  18. ann

    Just bought #0484692 set up and left in direct sun for 12 hours……nothing, no light.
    Checked connections, checked battery, thought maybe it had a cover or plastic cover but no, it was seated in the housing ready to go.
    Help please.
    Thank you……Ann

  19. lizette

    I purchased a home with Portfolio Outdoor landscape lighting. I need instructions regarding how to operate the system. I see the transforrmer, but when I push the buttons, nothing happens. Help[

  20. Tony

    Wondering if any have been contacted by the company since looks like nobody is getting help. I emailed the few weeks ago and still wsiting. They sell you 5 yrs warranty lights but no way to replace them. I had my only a yr. I should start buying different and cheap lights since there’s no support from this vendor, shame on them

  21. regina

    Purchased four Portfolio wall wash led lights #0475579. One does not work and need to replace it. Cannot find a replacement at lowes. Do they make this anymore? Just bought them last weekend…..

  22. Harriett Burns

    Where can I purchase a power pack (transformer)
    to supply the power to my landscape light? Mine blew out during a storm. I like my lights and don’t want to change the whole setup.

  23. Daniel Eletich

    i bought a 300 watt dual transformer, however it came with no directions .Your service rep helped me hooking it up correctly(low/commen) however i am still not able to get sensor to work . the different settings are unclear to me

  24. Jeannie

    I need a complete shole light for a PORTFOLIO ANTIQUE COPPER & BLACK FINISH LOW-VOLTAGE PATH & SPOTLIGHT KIT- #272067197615.
    How can I get one? and where?

  25. Christopher Wright

    Have Portfolio 6-Cooper Low Voltage Incandescent Path Lights Landscape Kit Model # EL0509ACO-6 Traditional Style. Landscapers have broken two. Looking for replacement lights. Are they still available. Lowes does not have them in stock anymore.

  26. Heidi Davis

    Wondering wh as t to fo? We purchases 4 out light for our new home less than four months ago and they are rusting terribly; ( HELP!!!

  27. Heidi Davis

    Wondering what to do? We purchases 4 out light for our new home less than four months ago and they are rusting terribly; ( HELP!!!

  28. Horace

    I have recently purchased a home and have a Portfolio Outdoor ground lighting system but have no manual and have struggled to find a part # and serial # on the controller box. so that I may download it. I have taken pictures of the controller box and a shot of the bottom of the unit to help you identify which model, but cannot send it to you. You do not have the option to include pictures with this email. Please advise where I may find the serial number and model number on the transformer?

  29. Denae Wunderle

    I am in need of replacement lights. We purchased the Portfolio 18 watt antique brass low voltage plug in incandescent path lights. They are extremely fragile and several have broke. Lowes stopped selling them. Where can I find 4 replacements? We paid $22.00 at Lowes. I see some sites are selling these for $100+ this is ridiculous as they are NOT worth it. But I do need to find 4 replacements. Any ideas where I can buy these?

  30. dan

    Searching for a solution
    low voltage post lantern model #EL0630ABZ item #0185233
    All of the threads that fastened the pole to the stake are loose
    stripped out.
    Any suggestions?

  31. Rachel

    Looking for Model #EL0509ACO landscape lights, either individually or set, for replacements to match other lights currently in use.

  32. lisa

    looking for light IAN1501L-4 is a led quit working would love to keep it own 2
    can’t find another one. Is their any way to fix?


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