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  1. Alan Cannon

    I purchased 6 Portfolio outside lights from Lowes about 5 years ago. 4 part number 160646, and 2 the same style but a little smaller. I need to replace one of them but they no longer have them at Lowes. Please help, I don’t want to replace all 6.


    • Ginger Watkins

      I have 2 (two) of the large ones #160646 and 2 (two) of the smaller ones #183549. Both the small ones are new condition, 1 of the large ones is new condition, and the other large one has a broken panel. Would you be interested in purchasing? I live in Paragould, AR, and do not know what the shipping would be but if we can negotiate a price, I will look into when I know where they have to be shipped. I could text you pictures if you would like. My cell number is 870-476-8297.

  2. Ramona Cameron

    I am trying to order a panel for my kitchen light fixture. It is mounted on the ceiling with a wood trim, with 4 flouscent lights. Item #161074. I can not seem to find a place to order or call. Please help!


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