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  1. steve dragolic

    I am looking for a string of lites that Portfolio makes. I purchased three strings at Lowe’s, but I need four and cannot find them anywhere. They have ten wicker balls along a green power cord.

  2. Mark Y. Coleman

    I am looking for the basepart of a light that the light sits on

  3. Robert Machado

    I recently purchased a Portfolio Outdoor 300 watt Magnetic Power Pack (transformer). It came with a thin fiber cable with identical plugs at each end. At the bottom of the power pack there is an instruction that reads: “Photo eye hole. Please plug in the Light. Trasmitting Fiber”.

    Can anyone please tell me what the cable is for? Does one end plug into the hole at the bottom of the transformer and, if so, where does the other end plug into.

    Thank you.

    Bob M

    • Jim Kingston

      The cable is the eye for the light sensor. The one end doesn’t plug into anything. You place it so that it senses when sunlight is starting to fade so the unit knows when to turn on.

  4. Skip

    Yes, one end plugs into the transformer, the other end needs to be somewhere that will pick up light & dark. It is the cable that will turn your lights on at dusk and off at dawn.

    • Mike

      The plug and cord are made to connect to a photo sensor to allow the lights to turn on at dusk.

      I did not see the part in Lowe’s online catalog, but finding something on the site is a pain sometimes.

  5. Looking for Bubble Glass globe for a item #0329397. Contacted Portfolio’s parts company and they no longer stock them despite the fact that I only bought them in June from Loew’s. Broke one with shovel in the dumb Halloween snow storm. It’s a post type sidewalk light. Help Please.

    • Roslyn Gay

      I am looking for a piece of glass for Portfolio 10.37-in W White Outdoor Flush-Mount Light purchased at Lowe’s – Item # 255321 Model # FOC8012AH-2 WH-9. When changing the light bulb, one piece of glass fell out and broke. Is there any place where I can order/purchase one piece of replacement glass? Also, is there a different way to change the light bulbs? Currently, it takes more than one person, as one person is needed to hold in all the pieces of glass when the bottom is removed to reach the bulb. Thank you.

  6. CFH

    Bought the Porfolio 300 W transformer with photo eye two months ago. Everything worked fine up until a week ago. The automatic feature (photo eye) has quit working. Can operate maually, but that is not why I bought this product. Any resolutions other than returning the product? Can I return the photo eye cable?

  7. Bear

    Bought 4 of the 60W 4 spotlight sets. Put 6 10W fixtures on the run in the front of the house. Did fine for 2 months, then died. Put 2 sets under deck…4 10W fixtures each. This set up worked for 4 weeks then, one by one the lights have gone out. Only have 2 left. Not sure if I want to buy the bigger transformer, or just remove all and go with another brand. Thought?

  8. Em

    I recently bought a Portfolio outdoor lighting set for my front walkway. Unfortunately my dog ran through them las week and knocked one of the fixture of the stake. I need to find somewhere to buy extra stakes. They have a threaded top for the fixture to attach to. Please help!

    • George

      Portfolio Outdoor lighting (sold at Lowe’s Home Improvement Stores) has a Customer Service Department where you can order parts. Their number is 1-800-643-0067 8am – 6pm EST Monday – Thursday, 8am – 5pm on Friday.

      If your lighting set is Part # 003661, then the threaded stake is Part Number 303003-0021BK

  9. Richard Sulman

    I am looking for Portfolio Outdoor Shade Covers (replacement covers)

  10. Veronica L. Vogel

    I have 8 #0030272, bronze finish outdoor lights made by you, sold by Loew’s. It is getting very difficult to find 11W bulbs. Can I use 12W bulbs? Also within a year of installation, the spikes that hold them into the ground have broken. How do I get replacements?

  11. Ron

    I have a portfolio low voltage transformer that keeps flashing 1 and 3 and if I push one of the white arrows the lights go on for a second and go right out and again start flashing 1 and 3

    • pete

      Did you ever solve your problem? – I have a 300 Watt transformer that lights go on and out constantly. I had this unit for five years and it was working fine until now. I would appreciate hearing from you.
      Pete 614-761-2737

  12. Mary Ann Wong

    I purchased 2 Wall Lanterns Item #253846 Model #DC205C-05-17 at Lowes 2011. I understand the item is no longer being sold. I wouldd like to purchase 1 more for an outdoor wall-needs to be the same. I am also missing 1 finial from the top of one lantern. Salesperon told me to contact manufacturer – that you may have parts. These 2 lanterns are motion sensor. Can I turn off the motion sensor and just use the manual switch for on amd off.

  13. Debbie McPeak

    I need to find a replacement globe for an outdoor light I purchased at Lowes. the Item # is E206656 or Lowes Item # 247199. Could you please help me locate this.

    • George Arentz

      Did you ever find the globe you were looking for? I can’t seem to find the fixture at all!I want ten of them for lighting a pathway to my boat dock. Any idea of someplace other than Lowes that I can check? Thanx, George 256 339 8008

    • jeff miller

      I’m now looking for a globe for the E206656 outdoor light. Could you please help?

      Jeff 706-936-0612

  14. Tim Spencer

    Looking for a contact number for portfolio to see if parts are available for some outdoor lighting I purchased from Lowes 3 years ago. Lowes no longer stocks the pathway lights I bought and I need to replace several sockets that have rusted out and the bulbs will no longer stay in. They are the lantern style that are on a shepherds hook, they have the 11w bulb.

  15. Tom Birt

    Can additional wiring be spliced onto the original length supplied with a light set? mine came with 75ft and i need about another 20 (not adding more lights, just wire length).

  16. Bill Lachapelle

    I have a portfolio 600w transformer. When turned on, the lights go on and off, and will not stay on. It only happens when it rains so I isolated each zone of lights without success. Is it safe to assume that the system is shorting out?

    • Joe Stewart

      We are having the same problem. Did you ever find a solution? If so, please let me know. Thanks. Joe

      • Vince

        We have had 2 of these happening with our 600W transformers and now Lowes do not sell this model transformer any longer. Anyone has any luck or know the fix? Would be appreciated!

  17. Don S

    I recently purchased 4 low voltage lights Model # 03008217. I couldn’t get two of them to work. So I took those to back to Lowe’s. They only had one left in stock so I took that one and I was able to make it work. I then drove to the next county (30 miles away) to purchase a fourth light. I found one at the Lowe’s store. I purchased it and brought it home. I’ve tried for 2 days to make this light work but I can’t do it.
    I’m going to take it back and exchange it for another one. I hope it works.
    I’ve been using low voltage landscape lights for many years, mostly Malibu. These lights I have bought from Portfoli are the worst I’ve ever encountered. I will never spend my money on this brand again. Further I will warn everyone I can of the difficulties I experienced with the Portfoli brand.

  18. John Dee

    Debbie McPeak looking for a globe for her wall mount oval light. Call Portfolio at 1-800-643-0067. I was looking for the gasket that goes on the globe and Lowes still carries the light but probably not the same manufactorer that you originally purchased. But the lights are the same size so the globes are interchangable. I bought a light @$12.00. I had issues with the globes way back when. They invariably cracked due to the bulb heat. I now only use 15 watt bulbs.

  19. Chad

    Does anyone sell replacement glass for a Portfolio Outdoor exterior wall light? Model 247199.

  20. Sean Paul

    I need to get some replacement parts for my outdoor lighting .Do you have a website
    to look up parts or just a phone number to call?

  21. Wayne A. Berry

    I have a 6 LED low voltage landscape lighting kit (system?) that has been in use for at least 4-5 years. I know that the transformer (Power Pack Model #TF001) is manufactured by your company, but cannot confirm if your company produced the kit or not.

    What I’m looking for is the LED replacement bulbs. They were produced by Innovative Electronic Solutions, #LEO160AC070B0. Through their WEB site, I tried to contact them, but no one returns my calls (I can find no E-mail address either.)

    Can you help me out?

  22. Ed Perry

    Last year I bought a Portfolio LED Landscape Kit Model # WT-S46-4BZ. The original kit came with 4 lamps and a 40 watt power supply. I installed it using the 18 G wire that was supplied with the first lamp 10 ft from the power pack and the others approximately 6 to 8 ft apart. The total length that was used is approximately 70 ft. All of the lamps lit initially but within a reletively shot time, the last light went out and the 7th grew dim. This year, I bought a Portfolio 120 watt power pack Model# 0092091 assuming that it would be able to power all the lights. There has been no change. Six lights still burn brightly, the 7th dim and the 8th not at all. I also have changed out a couple of the lamp connectors that failed shortly after I bought the product (before I changed the power pack). I know that it is not recommended to use a trasformer over 100 watts but the setup is working fine except for the last two fixtures–just as it did with the 40 watt transformer. So I have two questions; why aren’t the last two lights lighting and is there a better connector for the lamps?

  23. lila

    just installed a 600w magnetic power pack. model #ee0002bk.. When it is set to “A” for auto, then 2 to burn for 2 hours.. it goes back to “0” and will not turn off. Please tell me what is wrong… thanks

  24. Jack Dufur

    See picture for lamp head bulb needed. One was cracked and in pieces. 455 Pepper Dr. Tehachapi, Ca. 93561.

  25. scott

    I purchased the Portfolio 4-pack black solar-powered led path lights (CM3P-N2-BK-4) in June, and tonight, the wind blew one of the lights off of its hook… the black plastic ring that screws into the top of the lamp and hooks on the hook broke. Anywhere I can get a replacement piece?

  26. Ed

    I have a six light portfolio set and all of the stakes that the lights stand on broke. How do I get replacements?the model # is ELO516PBR-6

  27. Debbie Brown

    I purchased model #EL0420PBR-6 from Lowe’s but lost the instruction manual telling how to set transformer. I don’t have a clue what to do with the two buttons on the front. Could I download the manual or purchase one to help me?

  28. Mike Conrad

    I need a replacement Photo Eye cable (Part #0090573-E) for a 300W Transformer (Model #EE0001BK). The unit was purchased at Lowes, and I will check with them this AM, but assuming that comes up blank, how do I go about acquiring the replacement?

  29. Gladis

    I am looking for a solar lights (set of 2) purchased at Lowe’s 2012. The item number is
    #124700. Please reply if you can assist me in locating a place to purchase thie set of lights.

  30. Dominick Blasi

    We recently purchased a solar post light from Lowes. Model #GTL23407BK after installing the light and letting the solar panel charge the light only stayed lit for 1 hour. When we tried to put it on the next day it would not light. It would only flicker. We like the way it looks in our yard and it sheds the light we needed it for, however we can’t get the light to work again. Can you help us?

  31. i am looking for glass shades for a Portfolio lamp post Model GL23407bk

  32. James Ledvina

    Need 12 stakes # 303003-0036bk

  33. Jerry Kocher

    We have two sets of landscape lights model 0095981. Occasionally, the small bulb base/prongs corrode and fail — the wiring connections even come loose. Lowes and Home Depot in our area have no parts to repair these fixtures — all they want to do is sell you a new one!! Are these sockets available for separate purchase?? I’m tired of paying $20 for a light fixture when all I need is one small part!! Please reply. Thanks.

  34. Randall thompson

    I bought the Bluetooth led light kit,and I need one of the connectors. The prongs broke off

    • Josh

      All of my connections eventually corroded and broke off. Pointer from the Lowes guy, remove the splice connection completely. Cut the main wire at each light and remove the jacket. Twist all 3 wires together for each line and put them into a wire cap filled with clear silicone. It’s now waterproof and it will never fail again. Repeat for each connection. Each connection will have 3 wires twisting together.

  35. Marcia

    This company looks like it has lousy customer service! I am looking for a replacement sensor cable, since I suspect mine has stopped working. The “replacement parts” link takes to a promotion for another product. C’mon, people! Help us out!

  36. Jim Rose

    I purchased a Portfolio outdoor lamp post model#s40193/40194/40195/40226. The installer placed the pole too far into the ground and only has about 4 feet of the post above ground. Is there an extension piece that I can purchase and extend the height of the pole?

  37. Dorothy Abney

    I purchased 5 sets of portfolio outdoor torch lights for my patio and the solar panel must have gone out on them. I have replaced batteries and they light up for one night then go out. They are LED solar torches #0388185. I do not want to just throw away as they were quiet expensive. I bought them at lowes last year. Please help me out with this, are there replacement parts?

  38. Patrick Paxton

    This website stinks!!! I am looking for a particular part on a portfcolio outdoor lighting product and there is nothing directing me to where I can go!!! Who built this crappy website anyway!! This is Bull#$%*&

  39. Cheryl M.

    Purchased a Portfolio 8 pc. outdoor solar light set about 3 months ago. One of my lights does not go on at night. I pulled rechargeable battery that came with set and put on my battery charger. My charger says battery is okay. I switched out a battery from one of my other lights that does work and that battery works in the light that wasn’t working, so I know it isn’t a bulb, but must be the battery. I am having a difficult time finding a replacement rechargeable battery. Lowe’s (where I purchased) did have Portofolio batteries, but they were either too long or too fat to fit in my light. I don’t see anything here on your website where I can purchase replacement batteries. Please advise where I can buy replacement batteries.

  40. bryon

    I’m looking for a replacement circuit board for my Portfolio Outdoor LV transformer model #EE0124BK. I have two that aren’t working and barely a year old.

  41. Anna Johnson

    Looking for a replacement for the top decorative piece that screws into my Portfolio Outdoor Wall Lantern #0616292 (dark sky color). Would sure appreciate some assistance

  42. Bill Gallagher

    I installed a 6 light path kit with a 120 W power pack in accordance with the instructions. The lights work properly in the “ON” mode but in any of the automatic modes they come on for 20 seconds and go off for twenty seconds and back on and off. I called the Portfolio website and they said I must have a bad power pack. I replaced the power pack and the same on and off problem exists. Any suggestions?

    • Beth

      I have the same problem. They worked correctly for a week or so then started doing that. Was your kit new? Did they replace it for you? Have you found a solution? I emailed the “contact us” link and did not get a response.

      • Chris

        I have two set that I bought a couple of months ago but just put out. One works fine, and the other works for 30 seconds and shuts off for 30 seconds. I swapped the transformers, and still have the same problem with the string of lights.
        If anyone finds an answer, please share it. I plan on going by Lowe’s tomorrow and see what they say. If I get any worthwhile info, I will pass along here.

        • Dan

          Did you ever find a solution for this? I have the exact same issue with 30 sec on 30 sec off. It worked great for a couple of weeks then all of sudden this.

          Thanks in advance.


          • Jeff

            I had the same problem and found my porch light was entering the photo cell and causing a false “daylight” event – thus turning the lights off. Any direct light source or enough indirect light, including streetlights or the landscaping lights themselves (cycling), can cause this problem. Hope that helps.

  43. Brian Romig

    I need to replace 4 broken Portolio globes 00901. Where can I find parts?

  44. Teresa Templeton

    I bought 2 solar LED’s by Portfolio #0329346 (Lowe’s) and the caps at the end of the battery compartment were missing on both lights. Can I get a replacement for them? They are the lights that are multicolor. Thank you!

  45. Margaret

    We have 3 of the dual brute sensing die cast lanterns so far we have only put one up because the bulb burns out almost immediately when we put one in. Is there a special kind of lightbulb we should be using for this light? Nothing is listed in the instructions. We have tried compact florescent

  46. Susan

    Can anyone tell me where I can get a replacement globe for a Portfolio E206656 I purchased at Lowe’s probably 5 years ago. One broke and I have 6 others and do not want to replace all of them. I would even buy a used one.



  48. Sherri

    I need a replacement globe for 0048398, portfolio outdoor light

  49. Sandra Cope

    I have two Lights model #40182-PW. They have LED lights in a circle. One of my lamps has began to flicker. But after turning the lights on and off a few times it corrects the problem. But is there something else going on with it that you may know of. Thank you for your help.

  50. David Tuckier

    Your web site is useless. Nothing is even listed under replacing parts to your lights. Even putting in the actual part #, it doesn’t even give any help. Trying to buy replacement parts is non existent. Therefore I will start buying another brand of lighting for the houses that I build

    • Keith Jones

      Agreed! I have a profit improvement idea for you, portfoliooutdoorlighting.org…..you could start selling your product online….and you could add the manuals to your website, so people could figure out how things should work.

  51. Greg Wenne

    The mounting brackets are designed for octagon shaped outlet boxes. Are there adapters so the lights may be mounted to perpendicular rectangular boxes?

  52. Martin Zukoff

    I bought & installed 6 solar LED #0688463 path lights 3 days ago. At night only 2 of the 6
    light up. What should I do?

  53. Jose Luis Cantu

    I have several wall lights I bought at Lowe’s, and some have broken glasses. How I can get these glasses to replace them?

  54. Kenneth Hoffmann

    I am looking for replacement frosted plastic lens for the low voltage lights after a period of time they get brittle and shatter. I don’t want to replace the whole lamp. The model is #EL0266BK

  55. I purchased outdoor ground mounted up lighting from floods. they look great, until my lawn guy breaks off one of the stakes. the newer models use a different male/female set-up. How can I get ahold of some older model stakes?

  56. Jeffrey L. McNeil

    Recently I purchased 2 outdoor light kits (#0098920). They work great and look great, the only promblem I have are the steaks. They are plastic and become brittle in the cold weather and snap off in the bottom of the light . I need replacement steaks and this problem will be solved. unfortunally I can’t find them anywhere. Please send me an order number so I can purchase extras. You supply them in your kits, so I know you have them. I like your product. Thank you; Jeff McNeil Phone 301 722 5827

  57. Purchased path light kit Item #0329397/Model 00847 in July 2015 from Lowes. The threading on top of one of the stakes split and broke off. How can I get a replacement stake or stakes?

    Thank you for your help.

  58. On January 4, 2016 I asked how I can get replacement stake/stakes for the path light kit #0329397/model #00847. I have not received a response. I see a multitude of questions on this page including mine and the “Reply” under the questions are blank.

    Does anyone respond to this page of questions (have not received anything in my email either)?

    I would appreciate a response.

  59. xsidearmx

    I keep having the controller fail on my portfolio 600w landscape transformer. Any one have same issue and if so, is there a method to get new controller?

  60. Johnny Smothers

    Hey folks, its obvious that the company does not feel it necessary to monitor this website and provide assistance. One question after another. Don’t waste your time, just switch to other brands.

    • DNS

      I’m sure this web site is not affiliated with Sears/Lowe’s, the company that distributes the Portfolio product line. The reason why people even come here is because Lowe’s themselves do not care one bit about supporting the product and have no way of submitting queries like these on their web site. They expect us to throw out old lights/accessories and just buy new ones after a couple of years. It’s called planned obsolescence.

      Switching to other brands is unfortunately our only recourse.

  61. marcus

    Why don’t you have a support section on your web site?

    I have a portfolio outdoor unit that has a capacity of 200. Recently I have to push the reset button every 2 hours for the lights to come on, no matter which position it is set to, On or Auto/dusk-dawn.


  62. David Springett

    I’m want to mount the transformer – and light sends etc – in a bow or hide the wire and to improve w at her r distance.
    Can I put the transformer into continuous mode and control it with a timer – for the light relay will not work in the box.

    I have tried this and when the power comes back oh the unit says its in continuous mode but no lights are poer d.


  63. Kay damaso

    Looking for globe for # 80551 thanks

  64. Kay damaso

    Looking for a replacement globe for a portfolio wall light # 80551. Any help would be appreciated. Email skyehop@aol.com

  65. Andrea

    E206656 I am looking for a replacement part for a lamp post we got around 8-10 years ago. The lid on one of the lamps broke and we need a replacement for it.

  66. RickE

    Can anyone tell me where I can purchase a replacement dust to dawn sensor that goes on the power pack for portfolio outdoor low-voltage lighting?

  67. Gene Garza

    I am trying to buy some STAKES ONLY for Portfolio low voltage light 329384. I was able to order some (with great difficulty) about a year ago. After a lengthy search, I tried again last week and was told they didn’t have them. I’m not sure if it was Portfolio I was talking to or a sub contractor. I used to have their phone number, but not I can’t find it any more. Very frustrating trying to work with this company. Stakes are cheaply made, and break very easily!!! genegarza3638@msn.com

  68. C P

    I have 4 broken lamp lens, Landscape type pathway lights Produce # 0098920 / Model: 00860

  69. John Watson

    We have one (1) broken walkway lamp glass lense, can we buy 2, replace one and have an extra?

  70. MB

    I purchased a 300w power pack from Lowe’s and it didn’t come with any instruction manual. Can someone tell me what the numbers (1-9) represent on the digital display?


  71. Michelle

    I’m looking for a replacement globe for the 30 in portfolio wall light….251414

    Thank you.

  72. Dawn

    I am looking for replacement stakes for Portfolio path light( Black finish) #0030329

  73. Jim

    Where can I find replacement spikes for my 10-piece light kit?

  74. Heather

    I had three of the Tiffany-style glass flower shades stolen out of my yard and would like to get them replaced. Are they still available? Thanks.

  75. jon daniels

    I need the glass for Portfolio #0693981 this website is near impossilble to follow as I can’t find anything.

  76. jon daniels


  77. Jody

    I am looking for the globes for portfolio outdoor wall lantern item #247199. The fixture is large and a rust color. The globes keep breaking in the cold weather. We purchased them in 2006 at Lowe’s, but they do not stock these anymore. We really do like them and would hate to replace them. So if we could find the globes it would be much appreciated. Thank you.

  78. Jim Jarnagin

    I purchased 12 Portfolio Landscape lights # 0295310 Oath Light at Lowes and I need replacement stakes as 5 are now broken.

    Please advise.

    Jim Jarnagin
    Penn Valley CA 95946
    925-895-3242 Cell
    530-615-4919 House

  79. Shirley

    Is there a reset button on a 900w portfolio power pack for landscaping lights. Our lights went off and we are having a major problem getting the installer back to check our system.

    Thank you.

  80. Celeste

    I have a kitchen track light purchased 3 yrs ago at Lowe’s which I believe is Portfolio. When changing the bulb, I cracked the inner ring needed to secure the globe. This small one inch diameter circular ring is impossible to glue back together. Can you send me a replacement? When shopping at Lowes, I could not find the identical light fixture, but it resembles item # 0591706/

  81. Michele Stella

    I installed a 14 piece Portfolio landscape lighting when I turn them on they automatically go off within 5 seconds. Any idea why? Wondering if maybe my outlet can’t handle all 14 lights could this be my issue?

  82. Deb Cronin

    Either our dogs or the deer have knocked broken the stakes on our landscape path lights.
    The lights are #0306431. Would you please let me know how we could obtain new stakes for these lights. We need at least 5 of them.

    Thank you

  83. Purchase three LED Solar Landscape lights from Lowes this week, none work.. LED Solar lamps need to be recharged once every few (three max) months, if not done the rechargeable batteries will drain and not be able to be recharged. These lamps seem to be old stock that has sat on the shelf forever… not good.

  84. Eric

    I bought 4 lights and 1 transformer. I have them set up with 2 light strings of 2 lights each plugged into the tranformer. The lights have worked great for several weeks. the lights come on at dusk, I have them set for 4 hours, so they go off around 11pm. 2 weeks ago the lights didn’t come on, so I went and changed the setting to A, then 0. The lights came on. I put the setting back on 4, and after a few seconds the lights came on again and stayed on 4 hours. They have been good since. Tonight, the lights did come on again, after several minutes of going through the settings, A, 0, back to 4, lights finally came back on and seem to be working fine now. What is going on? They have power, number is on when lights are off. They all work when they are working, seems like there is no reason why they shouldn’t work. Help

    • Eric

      I missed the NOT.

      Tonight, the lights did not come on again, after several minutes of going through the settings, A, 0, back to 4, lights finally came back on and seem to be working fine now. What is going on? They have power, number is on when lights are off. They all work when they are working, seems like there is no reason why they shouldn’t work. Help

  85. JR

    It would seem the bottom line is not to purchase any Portfolio lighting due to absence of customer service and parts. Too bad. Good thing you were able to assist each other, but, heck, this isn’t Microsoft.

  86. JR

    It would seem the bottom line is not to purchase any Portfolio lighting due to absence of customer service and parts. Too bad. Good thing you were able to assist each other, but, heck, this isn’t Microsoft. (How can they have a dot org website?)

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  88. Adam

    I have a portfolio 600 w transformer that the lights turn on every other night . I think that there is something wrong with the timer. Any suggestions , please . Thanks

  89. Darbie LaFontain

    The 1-800-643-0067 number to call for PORTFOLIO Outdoor Landscape Light Kit is not working correctly. When I dial 1 for PORTFOLIO products it just keeps repeating the lineup of choices. I pressed 8 for all other brands and it still continues to keep repeating itself. Is there another phone # I can call? I need to order a Diffuser for ITEM # 0104292. (Oklahoma high winds!) Thank you, Darbie LaFontain

  90. Jon

    The portfolio website is poor at best! It absolutely needs a SUPPORT area to help customers with issues and to reduce returns! I recently purchased a 300 watt transformer. The ‘dusk to dawn’ feature does not work. After an hour of troubleshooting to resolve the issue, back it goes…I will try getting a good unit one more time.

  91. Brenda

    I have one broken light (our fault). Can I send a picture for part replacement?

  92. betty

    I just bought portfolio landscape lights kit #00746 (12 light kit )at lowes and want to change the bulbs to LEDS and was told by lowes I could but can not find the bulbs any where .I need 40 bulbs because I bought 4 of the kits .I looked on ebay but all the bulbs say dc instead of ac transformer .I did find 1 type that said they fit portfolio and he is in Canada

  93. Tex in North Texas

    I bought a 120w power pack and 2 wall washers at Lowe’s. The power pack only works in the On position. I want the automatic setting. I exchanged the power pack. The new unit has the same problem….

  94. David

    Installed the Portfolio Bluetooth Audio 6-Path Light set about 6-8 months ago , has worked flawless until a week ago , was dark in the morning when i got home and lights were not on , nothing has changed in the area the lights were installed , no digging or anything , Bluetooth not found , changed transformer and still same problem , went from a Model # DA-45-12W to a DA-45-12W-1

    • Josh

      Good chance one of the first lights in the circuit have corroded from where the spikes penetrate the wire jacket. Best way is to cut the old wire out, splice it together with wire nuts find with silicone. Waterproof and conductive. Winning.

  95. Mark in s Texas

    Why no user manuals on this site? Getting an alternating 1,E on the transformer. But there is no info on users guides, manuals, zip!

  96. I am looking for replacement stakes for portfolio outdoor lights, model #0067985. I have had several stakes break, and would like to buy several replacements. I must add, the stakes should not break so easily. I’ve checked with Lowes, and others, and don’t see that they have the proper model number available. Can you please advise!!

    thank you,

  97. Dave kirby

    I need the ac outlet for lamp post #0013807. The weather flap has broke off.

  98. I like that you said to not place the fixtures too close to each other. I think that if you place them too close then you are wasting money on extra lights. If I was going to get new lights then I might want to get a professional to help me determine the placement.



  100. rick perry

    I have the accent spotlight item # 0013974, model #SP2500. I have manual that came with it but there are 2 things I need, that are not in there. 1) What is the wattage/ voltage of the bulb, that comes with this style? 2) does the bulb pull out, or does it twist? I do not what to break it, so please let me know

  101. Sheila Hunley

    I purchased 4 Portfolio Wall Wash Bronze color LeD lights 3 months ago and 2 of them have lost their brightness. Still light up, but can hardly tell they are on. Please help!

  102. Hi, after reading this awesome article i am too cheerful to share my
    knowledge here with friends.

  103. Hi there it’s me, I am also visiting this web site regularly, this web page is genuinely good and the people are really sharing pleasant thoughts.

  104. Gilbert Gazzia

    Where can I purchase a Portfolio 3-Light Flora Art Nouveau Bronze Chandelier? Lowe’s no longer carries this model 99280. Thanks

  105. Bruce Gura

    We have 5 sets of Portofolio lighting and some are now 3-5 years old. On three of my tiered metal lights the female threaded ground stake has broken. How can I get replacements? Thanks!

  106. reuben santoyo

    I am looking for a 50watt telescope spotlight. lowe’s no longer carries this size, they only carry the 2o watt version. where can I find a replacement?

  107. Jim DeLany

    this web site is not user friendly…..I broke one of my moonlight covers for my rectangular Portfolio LV Up lights…..how can I buy a new one??

  108. LBosworth

    I am looking for replacement light bulbs for my post light bought at Lowe’s – matches my “DualBrite Motion Sensing Diecast Lantern” (Model PF-4192-BK) & “Motion Sensing Coach Lights” (Model PF-4150/4160/4162/4170 ??). The post light came with the squirrely-que bulbs with post plug-in rather than screw-in bulbs. After many years the bulbs eventually burned out and I cannot find replacements to fit into the housing and/or work. (Have to agree that the website isn’t as user-friendly as we’ve come to expect.)

  109. Bill Wagner

    Need one or two glass bulb covers for Lowes Portfolio Model- LW-1054 )482295( Fu Wang Lighting co. beige coloerd glass

  110. Josh

    I purchased the led Bluetooth path light from lowes. It’s pretty awesome, but suddenly it didn’t turn on. When I initially plug it in all the lights flash for a split second then shit off. So I know they’re getting electricity. Usually when I plug them in they all turn on for a second or 2 then shut off. Now it’s just a flash. What’s going on???

  111. What does an E1 error code mean?

  112. What does a E1 error code mean? What is the fix?

  113. Jim

    Seeking replacement green plastic palm leaf for Portfolio outdoor table lamp.

  114. Jim

    I resently purchased Portfolio Wall Lantern model # EFU1691L-3 and come to find out the bulbs can’t be replaced when it burns out, throw away really. Bad design

  115. Denny yohe

    I can’t find Portfolio’s phone number!!!! Help… Thanks

  116. Paul

    Where can a buy replacement spike for Solar 8X tier path light black.

  117. My 300 watt transformer stopped working . the indicator light is working , but no power going to the lights. What could be the problem?? I unplugged the system so it could reset, that didn’t fix the problem. I hit the reset button , nope that didn’t fix it either. AGGGG what do I need to do????

  118. Garry K

    Over several years I have had to replace entire outdoor fixture because I can’t just find the globes which break easily. Where can I purchase a few of the globes for model”EL0420PBR?

  119. DCR

    I bought seven new portfolio low voltage lights (6w) and a new 60 watt power pack. Out of the seven lights only four work. Could they be bad? Or am I missing something in the install?


    my lighting will not come on when timer is set, flashes E-1, or 1-E not sure which way, can you tell me the problem



  122. Jesse Esquivel


    Bought this kit but no longer available at Lowes. Have one with broken glass housing. Do you have a part number available where I can order it? Email provided for follow up thanks!

  123. David Kelley

    Just wondering if the transformers with built in dusk to dawn sensors have the ability to replace these dusk to dawn sensors?

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