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  1. Helen Machado

    I recently purchased 4 outdoor motion activated wall lights (model #0329564) at two different Lowes stores. I need one more but they no longer carry them. I’ve gone online to see if I can purchase one but I’m having no luck to find this particular one in the bronze finish. Please help!

    • Sherry Zielke

      I HAVE ONE LIGHT that you are looking for Helen Machado. Do you still need? I purchased too many and have one leftover.

  2. Helen Machado

    I recently bought 4 Portfolio motion activated wall lights a 2 different Lowes stores. I need one more (model #0329564) but they no longer carry them. I’ve been to 2 other stores and even tried to see if they are available online but I’m having no luck. Please help. This particular light is in the bronze finish. Thank you



  4. angie

    I have 2 outdoor wall lanterns from portfolio. One of the glass in the laterns is broken and I need to replace it. #247205 how can I find replacement glass for my lanterns??

    • Jill

      Marianne, did you have any luck finding the replacement globe? I need one also…help please!
      Portfolio Lantern 247205. Thank you for any help!

  5. Marianne Santilli

    I need a replacement glass for outdoor lantern #0339003. How much is it ?

  6. mike

    i am looking for 2 portfolio 230100 wall lantern lights

  7. Frank Mattison

    Can I disable the DualBrite soft accent mode and just have the bright security mode?

  8. Chris

    I purchased a set of wall lanterns awhile back model#LO2221RT item#0024232 from Lowes and now they are no longer carrying them and I added on to my deck and don’t really want to replace all the light fixtures again is there anywhere else I can purchase those exact lanterns.

  9. DeeDee

    Need one more 0247207. Purchased 3 from Lowes and they no longer carry it.

  10. Bonnie

    I need to purchase 4 more light fixtures #247205. Is it possible to find these?

  11. Have a pair of Portfolio Outdoor Wall Lights, model #DC205-05-17 (Black, Motion-activated, with patterned center-circle glass). I believe they were sold by Lowes 6+ years back.

    The motion sensor on one of the units seems to be acting up, and I am looking for either or both- the user manual (for troubleshooting) and/or a replacement unit if available (anywhere). They are beautiful lamps, and go well with the Victorian design of the home; it would be a shame to have to discard. Thank you very much for any help you can lend!

    • Ron

      I have three of the Portfolio outdoor wall lights Model #DC205-05-17 and I also have one of the motion sensor acting up and upon talking with Lowes and the Portfolio people there is nothing that can be done

  12. Scottle

    I bought a Portfolio wall Lantern #0314224 . When l wired ti up put in test mode the shut power off put switch o one minute and turned switch on. After 45 seconds ligh came on. I left it on for 30 minutes did not go off . This is a motion Activared light

  13. Lori

    I bought a Portfolio wall lantern #0482289. I had it installed and tested today. This evening it comes on – stays on 4 minutes and goes off for Exactly 1 minute before coming on again for 4 minutes and repeats. There is no motion in the area what so ever. Why is this happening and how can I fix it?

  14. Terry Morrone

    I purchased two exterior wall lanterns, however, when I set up for dawn to dusk they will not shut off unless they are in direct sunlight. Is there an adjustment I can use to help out.


  15. Amy

    I am looking for the bottom finial and two of the long screws with a black cap that mount the upper section to the lower section for a black Portfolio wall fixture #59063. The box I bought long ago an just recently got installed was missing those parts.

  16. Maura

    My husband and I are looking for Portfolio Outdoor
    Item #0004900 Wall Lantern model # LV3623WL-OR-S

  17. Fred Rice

    We have had some damage done to our driveway lights and are interested in replacing them. These are Item # 24236 and we are in need of (6) six Lamps. Can you help?

    • rich d

      I have one of these I bought about 4 years ago and never installed until this afternoon. Looks great, but I need 2 and they are long discontinued. If I can’t find one more I would let it go.

    • Frank K

      I have 2. I just remodeled. They are in primo condition.

  18. Me

    I am looking for the glass for model LW-1054. Can someone tell me where to find a few of them?

  19. john mcclanahan

    I’m looking for a replacement outdoor wall lantern Portfolio Item number 80628 with aged copper fixture. Any idea where I can purchase one or two?

  20. rich d

    I need a discontinued model #24236 bronze Mission style wall lantern if anybody has one. Thanks

  21. Tom Maulhardt

    I can’t get the motion detection feature working anymore on my DC 220-05-05 (#253844) outdoor fixture. (I have two, one still works fine). Any suggestions on fixing this?

    Tom Maulhardt

  22. Flavia Samper

    Last September, I purchased three brushed nickel motion activated wall lanterns ( 0297078 ) at Lowe’s. One of the lanterns is covered in rust and I would like to receive a replacement. I went to Lowe’s but was told I would need to reach out to the company if I wanted a replacement. Please let me know what I can do to receive a replacement lantern.

  23. Holly Korda

    I need to replace my Portfolio 108844 outdoor wall lanterns. I have one but need another, and Lowes does not carry this any longer. Please let me know how I can obtain a replacement. Thanks!

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  25. Mike

    I need (3) Portfolio 0131372 wall lanterns.. Does anyone know if they are still available and where I might find them?? Thanks

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